Men - Masculinity - Manliness

"The good example and leadership of parents is essential in strengthening the formation of young people in chastity. A father, whose behaviour is inspired by masculine dignity without "machismo", will be an attractive model for his sons, and inspire respect, admiration and security in his daughters."  (Truth and Meaning, 59).

The physical body of a man expresses his interior person, or the nature of his masculinity.  Just as a man's body is designed to initiate sexual union with a woman, men are called to lead their wives and families.  Men are the initial gift-givers.  They must pursue a woman.  Physically, emotionally and spiritually men must make a gift of themselves to their wife, who receives the man's gift before giving herself back to him in response.  Man is a servant for woman.

Whether a man is a father, a husband, a brother or only a son, he lives his masculinity authentically by being a spiritual leader and servant for women and others in general.  Men have the duty to defend and protect the dignity of women, and to serve them through acts of charity and chivalry - offering a chaste gift of themselves, whether in love or in friendship.

Masculinity as a Reflection of God
God created man in his image.  Masculinity reflects God's love for us.  Man's initiation of a relationship, emotionally or sexually, with a woman is a reflection of the way God initiated the divine relationship with us.  Jesus Christ became man and layed down his life for us, giving us the opportunity and invitation to gives ourselves back to him and share His life in Heaven.   The way that a man leads a family reflects the image of God as Shepherd.  And of course, man is a servant, because Jesus Christ came not to be served, but to serve others without counting the cost.